Meet the Team

Hello guys and gals, my name is Jake and chief in charge at M.T B.L.A.S.T ... Nah Dannie wouldn’t let me get away with saying that! Me and Dannie, my wife, are the youth leaders at our church. I really love delving into the Bible and discovering the huuuge amount of stories within! So it’s my mission to show you how the Bible can relate to our lives, whilst having fun acting like a big kid!

Hey, my name is Dannie, and alongside my husband we are the youth leaders of M.T B.L.A.S.T. As the secretary of the group, please approach me on times and upcoming events. I’m very passionate for the Lord and feel we need to help our next generation grow! By basing our fortnightly meetings [which alternate depending on work shifts] on scripture and truth, I hope the youth will embark on the quest to know Jesus.