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its good to see a church being faithful to the truth instead of the shifting culture. Keep up the good work. 

 SF, 21/12/19, UK


Thank you for the site, it's full of a lot of handy info. Reading this helped
me a lot.

WK, 12/9/18


It's great to find a church that tries to be faithful to God's word. I enjoy reading the blog posts. Thank you

8/7/18. DM, UK


I really like the Martin Top Website, there is lots of information to be found for instance in the History section some interesting pieces about Martin Top Chapel down the years.  But more regular I like to listen to the sermons again which are very wholesome, also I check out the Blog pages and learn about all kinds of things with some relevant Bible passages.  What a great asset this website is to all both far and near for a Chapel surrounded by fields and a few houses. "Thus Far the Lord has helped us" 1 Samuel 7v12 was preached on for the 199th Anniversary on 09/08/2015 if you click on  Media then Sermon Audio Archives you will find it, we have a faithful God who is in control.

4/4/18. SB, Barnoldswick, UK