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Now that we are halfway through July the hedgerows and verges are beginning to assume their late Summer colours.  Not only are the vibrant greens of Spring starting to darken but the flowers are becoming predominantly cream, dark pink and purple - the creamy froth of meadowsweet, the umbels of cow parsley, the pinks of foxgloves and willowherb, the purples of tufted vetch and meadow cranesbill.  And thistles.  Some tall and statuesque, some tall and straggly; some dark purple, some paler; thriving in all sorts of conditions, needing no special care or attention.  Seen close up, the flowers

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Holiness is not the way to Christ; Christ is the way to holiness.

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There was a small explosion in my kitchen the other day, or perhaps ‘eruption’ would be a more accurate description.  Let me explain.


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The BBC reports that police have closed a ‘slavery ring’, in which a group of Polish nationals residing in the United Kingdom exploited and enslaved 400 of their fellow Poles. Luring them to our shores with promises of good jobs, they were instead kept in rat-infested bedsits, performing menial work or hard labour, while their controllers syphoned off wages and benefit payments. One bought a new Bentley with his share of the profits.

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