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It was very cold last night and the roof tiles on the building opposite my kitchen window were white with frost when I looked out this morning.  The sun was already shining on the ridge tiles though, and a jackdaw was strolling nonchalantly along.  All went well until he spied something interesting part way down the roof and hopped down to investigate.  Suddenly things were not quite what he had anticipated, and there was a good deal of slithering and wing-flapping before he regained his balance, his footing, and safety.


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I’m excited- I've discovered a new song! The latest Getty hit? Nope. Stuart Townend? No, sir. Bethel? Never! It’s an Horatius Bonar and is set nicely to a sixteenth century psalm tune. Progressive Christians will mock my love of things so old; more traditional believers will pity my previous ignorance of so laudable a hymn. I’ve been playing it much and have rejoiced at its meaning. We shall have a version of it tonight during Communion. The verses I embolden below speak to me very strongly; my love for Christ is sometimes as flimsy and changeable as the skies above.

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I recently watched Tora! Tora! Tora!, a 1970 blockbuster named after the Japanese code word トラ・トラ・トラ for a surprise attack. It tells the story of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, the American Pacific naval base on Hawaii which the Japanese pre-emptively bombed, ending American neutrality and aligning itself with the Allies.

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There’s another baby on the way in the family, so I’m quilt making again.  A pleasant occupation on cold, wet November days!


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On Friday, a few of us gathered on a nearby member’s farm for a bonfire, hot chocolate and sausages. The cool, crisp air and twinkling stars provided a stunning backdrop to our fire. Like people who have never seen one before, we just stood around it and gazed, as though transfixed.