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It’s great to see the swifts in the sky again.  They usually arrive over the village around the end of the first week of May.  This year it was May 10th, four days later than last year, though that was not altogether surprising since there had been several days of strong northerly winds, not particularly helpful when you are flying up from Southern Africa!


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Congregational churches were once known for their dynamism and vibrancy. Now most are shut down and many that remain huddle together, awaiting their seemingly inevitable doom. Well this is not strictly true. If we use congregationalism with a little ‘c’, such churches continue to thrive. FIEC churches are run according to the Congregational way, as are many Baptists and Pentecostals. Our own little church, though still small, is growing, and we have no plans to shut down.

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Yesterday was the anniversary of Fusilier Lee Rigby’s death, who was cut down and murdered by Islamist fanatics in 2013. Our armed forces may expect deployment around the world at a moment’s notice. They may also now expect animosity and possible violence from sections of the population. I pray for our servicemen and women that they may know the peace of God. That they who flirt with death might embrace the gospel of Christ, which draws death’s sting like venom from a bite. 

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The atmosphere in the run-up to this week’s European elections is ugly. Videos on Twitter of candidates being dowsed in milkshake are becoming common place. There is a nastiness in the air, full of recrimination and vindictiveness.

The Tories are due a thrashing at the polls from which they might never recover. Their handling of Brexit has been dire and Mrs May’s clinging onto power makes Gordon Brown look positively courteous.

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My neighbour has been very busy recently, replacing the surface of his yard.  There were several days of digging out and removing old, cracked slabs, followed by levelling of the ground.  Eventually the new surface was laid, and very smart it looks too.  Of course, he could have just put the new on top of the old, which would have looked just as good – for a li

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Well today I enter the fortieth year of my age. I’ve been culturally conditioned to feel morose and melancholic. This is firstly because most people do not want to die. They delay their deaths as much as possible because they are afraid of what they do not know. The Christian has no such fear. So although I am probably 4/7ths of the way through my earthly existence, crossing the river offers no dread.

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I welcome Wood Pigeons to my little garden. They are big fat birds which gobble up the mess left by the sparrows. Without their vacuuming, discarded seeds from the feeders would germinate into weeds below.