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Posted 2 days 3 hours ago

Today is Prince Charles’ 70th birthday. He once said that when he becomes King, he will be defender of faith, rather than of the faith, which historically means the Church of England. I pray that the Crown may one day come to the defence of evangelical Christians, who hold traditional views on marriage and gender. As politicians and their governments try to catch up with aggressive, progressive liberalism, so Bible Christians are increasingly viewed with suspicion and hatred for not willing to squeeze their gospel into the latest cultural mold.

Posted 2 days 3 hours ago

Posted 3 days 3 hours ago

Have a quick look at this video. For those who can’t be bothered, it’s a boy band on a stage singing hits from the 1990s. But it’s not a nineties night at the local concert hall. It’s the opening of Sunday worship at North Point Community Church in Atlanta. This is the ultimate example of the church being colonised by the world.

Posted 6 days 3 hours ago

At a recent Congregational Federation meeting, I was introduced to ‘Christian meditation’, as promoted by the World Community for Christian Meditation organisation (WCCM). Founded by one John Main, a Benedictine monk who drew inspiration from a Hindu ascetic, he sought to introduce meditation as mainstream Christian practice. Challenged by his own Order about the exercise’s non-Christian roots, he found a precedent set by the Desert Fathers, ancient Christians who fled to the desert to escape the world.

Posted 1 week 3 hours ago

I've recently studied Liberation Theology. It was developed in the favelas and shanty towns of South America, a continent known for its poverty and powerful elites. Since 1945, right-wing military juntas supplanted left-leaning democratic governments, often with CIA help. Despairing at the levels of poverty and state oppression of the poor, many Catholic priests began to work against their respective governments, despite their common enemy of communism.

Posted 1 week 1 day ago

The Chancellor of the Exchequer emailed me last week. I like to think he considers me one of his most trusted and sagacious contacts. In reality, it was a generic email sent to lots of people asking them to support the Conservative Party. Something that caught my eye was a claim he made:

On Monday I delivered this year’s Budget, and I want to let you know what this means. Austerity is coming to an end. That means more money for the NHS – and a tax cut for 32 million people. Back these policies? Then join the party delivering them.