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Posted 16 hours 4 sec ago

A local charismatic church has called on its members to ‘rediscover’ some forgotten truths. Their pastor wants them to ‘exercise our Christ-given position of authority over earthly governments and demonic strongholds’.

I wish they’d get their act together and rediscover how to do it quickly. This country is in a bit of a mess and the government could do with some help. 

Posted 1 day 8 hours ago

I had a walk by the river yesterday.  After a chilly start, the sun, though hazy, had some welcome warmth in it – the promise of Spring to come.


Posted 1 day 17 hours ago

Last night, after our Bible Study, I went star-gazing. For a relatively clear night, it was surprisingly mild and I set up my little telescope in the graveyard. Our chapel is in a remote spot, so the orange haze of urban light pollution barely hinders one’s gaze. The moon afforded excellent views, but February is a great month to spot Sirius, sometimes called the Dog Star. In the northern hemisphere, Sirius is behind the sun in the summer, only re-emerging as that season draws to a close.  

Posted 3 days 16 hours ago

At one Friday Light in the winter, we watched Paul, Apostle of Christ. This is a biblical film written and directed by Andrew Hyatt (2018) and is set in Paul’s last days in a Roman prison. It shows Luke bravely going to visit him in order to find the material to write Acts, along with the problems and dilemmas faced by the Roman church in light of Nero’s persecution and Paul’s incarceration.

Posted 4 days 16 hours ago

The Pope has been in the news this week, embarrassed by another sexual scandal exposed in his Church. This time it doesn’t involve children, thank God, but it’s hardly much better. Male priests have been molesting nuns, the women who have taken vows of celibacy to serve the Roman Church. Yet this is a part of a far wider problem. 

Posted 6 days 16 hours ago

Posted 1 week 16 hours ago

Well that didn’t take long. Having given up my right to watch television in December, and receiving an £85 refund, I’ve had a letter from Jackie Garswood, the ‘Customer Service Manager’ at TV Licensing. Although it’s addressed to ‘Present Occupier’ (they knew my name well enough to send a cheque last month), she begins pleasantly. The letter is a ‘gentle reminder’: ‘Of course, we want to help you’ she writes. If I do not need a license, I should write to her. Funny, but I did write in December. Perhaps no-one passed the letter onto Jackie. And then comes the heavy stuff: