Don’t Share Your Views Unless They Are ‘Liberal’

A Christian mayor has been driven from office in Ferryhill, County Durham. Mayors of others towns have described his beliefs on sexuality as ‘unacceptable’ and the local MP for Sedgefield, Phil Wilson, called for him to go saying “I don’t think there’s any room in modern politics for those kind of views”. 

It’s not clear what his views are, as the whole row started because he had shared posts on social media which he later removed. It is concerning that merely having certain views is enough for politicians to show their rage and indignation. Tess Tickle, the local drag queen who campaigned against the Christian mayor, did acknowledge the right to hold Christian views, telling The Northern Echo

"I totally understand that people's religious beliefs are there and everyone's entitled to their own opinions and views but when it's shared in the public domain, when you're in a position of authority and a public figure and you've got your own constituency it's alarming.”

In other words, if you have beliefs contrary to received wisdom, keep them to yourself. On the other hand, if you’re a member of the House of Lords and you say something like-

“if we are moving to a world where it will become commonplace, if uncommon, for men to have babies and women to have penises, that is the end of the fiction of binary gender. I absolutely think that that is good for us all.” (Lord Lucas, this week)

-no one minds.