My Very First Lie

When I attended Sunday school, the superintendent was a lady called Sheila Christie. Before we went into our different classes, she would lead all the children in traditional Christian children's songs accompanied by her accordion. As a family, we once visited her home and I would've been about four years old. I had asked to go to the toilet and was allowed upstairs to conclude my business. In one of the bedrooms adjacent to the bathroom sat the accordion. Not only did I love its sound, I had an obsession with its many buttons and the beautiful deep red of its decoration. I naturally yielded to the temptation and fiddled with it. When I returned downstairs, my mother demanded to know if I have touched the accordion. "No!" I lied. And this is the first memory I have of sin. Doubtless there were many other examples but they have been lost in the mists of time. 

A few months ago, Sheila gave the accordion to me, unmusical though I am. Here is a wonderful reminder of original sin. No one told me how to lie: it came naturally. I did it because that's who I was. In Christ, however, original sin is being cleansed and I am being shaped into His truthful image.