Time & Locations

Sunday Morning Service 10.45am 

This is our main meeting of the week and begins at 10.45am. The pastor usually preaches though we have visiting preachers every few weeks. You wouild be advised to come for 10.30, as visitors who do not know the lanes are liable to take longer in their travel. Furthermore, arriving sooner will allow you to park nearer. 

Sunday Evening Service is at 6.00pm

We meet at 6pm and usually conclude it by 7.00pm.

Wednesday Midweek Service is at 7.30pm 

Meeting in the upper room, for an hour. Informal: a short, 10-15 minute Bible message, songs and open prayer. 

Thursday Morning Bible Study at 11am

Cups of tea from 10.45am, then looking together at a Bible book.

Thursday Afternoon Open Chapel from 12noon- 4.30pm

The chapel is open to look around, and/or to have a chat with the pastor, and share a warm drink.  

Thursday Basic Bible Study at 6.30pm 

For people wishing to look at the Bible in a simpler way. 

Thursday Bible Study at 7.45pm 

We look forward to the time when we can meet informally to go through a Bible passage in the upper room, meeting at 7.30pm for hot drinks, biscuits and cake.

There are other meetings held during the month, such as the Craft Group and the Saturday Fellowship: please check the bulletin on the blue bar to the right. 

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