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Various high ranking police officers from Merseyside Constabulary have been photographed outside a Liverpool supermarket. Behind them is a huge, mobile billboard bedecked with a rainbow flag and the following words:


Just in case anyone has doubt regarding the particular offensiveness in mind, the billboard explains:

Posted 8 hours 55 min ago

There are drifts of snowdrops flowering in the village churchyard, and the green spears of daffodil leaves are showing on the green. But high in the Swiss Alps the flowers will still be buried deep in snow. Edelweiss perhaps…

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Sargon of Akkad (c2300 BC) is history’s first recorded emperor. The beautiful copper head found at Nineveh, above, is thought to be him. The Assyrian king, Sargon, who is mentioned in the Bible, was named after him centuries later. 

Posted 3 days 22 min ago

Common Lungwort is a most pleasant plant which sowed itself in one of my tubs. Its flowers, which come out in the spring, are beloved by insects, adding a little colour ahead of most else. The Plants for a Future website, which considers the greater uses to which we might put our plants, comments that its leaves

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Posted 5 days 23 min ago

Who said this?

May God be my witness, that it is the Lord that wanted what happened to happen. The decision we received was almost ready-made from God. Our role in the decision was almost zero.

Answer at the bottom.

Posted 6 days 22 min ago

On Shrove Tuesday, I made pancakes. I say pancakes in the broadest sense of the term. The pictures above and below show that they became more pancake-like with each attempt. Now in my defence, I had only self-raising flour, but even so, I don’t think I’ll make chef-grade any time soon.

Posted 1 week 23 min ago

At Barnoldswick’s Ghyll church is an imposing family grave belonging to the Hudson family. On it is inscribed a memorial to Captain James Hudson. It describes him as a ‘master mariner’ who died in 1888. I cannot find any reference to him online, so I imagine he was just a regular merchantman’s captain, supplying Victoria’s colonies with cotton, wool or steel.

Posted 1 week 12 hours ago

Here is the video of last night's talk on John Berridge which Roger Carswell shared with us.