About Our Staff

Our chapel is run by a part-time pastor and a team of volunteers. You can contact any of them by using our contact page. 'Pastor' means shepherd- he is not a priest ('intermediary') or vicar ('substitute'). 'Deacon' means servant.


Alan Marsden Pastor
I am the part-time pastor of the chapel, and write the daily blog. 
Andy Kay Deacon
Happily married to Janet. We currently have the privilege of leading the music worship for the Sunday evening Zoom service. One day, I will learn how to play minor chords ....
Bill Ashton Deacon
Hilary and I have been married for more than forty years; we have four children and four grand-children. We have been Christians for the last thirty-five years or so.
Diana Laycock Church Secretary
I am married to Francis and have two adult sons. I retired from full time social work in 2011 and enjoy reading, walking and road cycling.
Herbert Moorhouse Deacon
I have been at Martin Top most of my life beginning in the Sunday School about 70 years ago. My faith has grown gradually over the years.
Stephen Jackson Deacon
I earn a living writing computer programs and doing related geek stuff.