Biden His Time

I marvel that in 2019, the very best candidates that the huge American population could summon to stand for its leadership were Messrs Biden and Trump. Trump was personally unpleasant but quite competent; Biden rather more likeable but is increasingly incompetent. Often when he opens his mouth, his words come out all a-muddle, leading some to speculate that his old age has caught up with him. Alternatively, he is just an inarticulate man. Judge for yourselves here.

I have every sympathy for sufferers of dementia and those who care for them. Yet here we have the world's most powerful state, with its gigantic nuclear and conventional arsenal, led by a man whose sentences are decreasingly strung together. In Isaiah 3:4-5, the prophet describes children ruling a wicked nation:

“I will give children to be their princes,
And babes shall rule over them.
The people will be oppressed,
Every one by another and every one by his neighbour" (NKJV).

If Biden's mind becomes more childish, I believe it is God's judgement on America. Her greed at home and her wickedness abroad deems old Madam Columbia ripe for judgement. It is true that the Lord has many precious souls there, but can the American church recover from its suffocation and infection by the fake gospel of prosperity? Either way, America has often been a blessing to the world, but its days of greatness are numbered.