Brazilian Plume

This Brazilian Plume is formally known as Justicia Carnea Lindl. The first Latin word comes from the name of Scots horticulturist Sir James Justice (1698–1763). He loved exotic plants so much that he dedicated his life to understanding them, and is said to have lost his fortune investing in special soils and greenhouses in order to re-create their natural environments. This contributed to his wife divorcing him and his expulsion from the Royal Society. Yet the respectable bores who better managed their finances are long forgotten, while Poor Jimmy is remembered with his own genus of plant, and an impressive one at that.

There are many who are impoverished by the gospel, who lose income and respectability for having obtained the Pearl of Great Price. Yet these shall be remembered for ever in heaven’s halls of fame, while those who by whom they were rejected are forever forgotten in hell’s vaults of shame.