Devil in the Bush

What’s this pretty little flower? I found it growing in a window box. Identifying wild flowers is sometimes made the more difficult on account of the many names by which they go. This is Nigella Damascena, while its multiple English names dimly reflect our ancestral fall from grace. While enjoying Eden’s love-in-a-mist, Eve heeded the devil in the bush, rendering her a ragged lady. Devil in the Bush is a pretty flower, though it’s a cousin of the common buttercup, that attractive though invasive horticultural thug.

It’s remarkable to think that even in paradise, the serpent lurked. Among the gorgeous foliage and shrubbery skulked the devil in a bush. To this day, he demonstrates his preference for pleasant, amenable surroundings. The raging fire of hell is the last place you’ll find him. Instead, he visits families, legislatures, palaces, churches, even heaven (cf Job 1). He attends our seminaries, our synods, our church councils and annual conferences. As Peter seeks to persuade the Lord against his pending death in Mark 8, the Lord detects Satan speaking through His apostle’s earnest admonition. 

I’m rather fond of this delicate flower; I welcome its presence and have no intention to dig it up. Yet it is a salient reminder than Satan, sometimes dressed as an angel of light, is found in the most beautiful and peaceful of places. Be vigilant.

 ...Lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.

2 Cor. 2:11b