Dim Farron: Murky Business


If the Christian population at Word Alive 2023 was not blessed enough, the organisers had managed to arrange an extra special treat. Mr Tim Farron, honourable Member of Parliament for Westmorland and Lonsdale, was on stage to answer interview questions and encourage support for Christians in politics. My previous disappointment with Mr Farron is well documented and I half feared that this experienced politician would withdraw from Word Alive when he discovered its commitment to Biblical teaching on marriage. Thankfully, the opportunity to plug his latest book-


-may have persuaded him to stay.

Having Mr Farron offering us advice on how to remain faithful to God’s truth while in the public eye puzzled me somewhat. Indeed, I here suggest a number of other speakers and book titles which organisers of future conventions may see fit to advertise on stage:

Meek Women, by Queen Athaliah, 395 pages, hardback

Remaining Godly In Our Later Years, by King Solomon, 255 pages, hardback

Sword Fighting: The Most Important Way To Fight, by Goliath of Gath, 415 pages, paperback

The Importance of Loving God First and Foremost, by Demas, 45 pages, paperback

Business Principles: A Christian Handbook, by Simon Magus, 120 pages, hardback only.

Seeing Clearly: A Call To Spiritual Insight, By Eli, Priest of Israel, available in large print, 190 pages

Hair Care: The Importance Of Coiffured Hair Among The People Of God, by His Highness Prince Absolom, 100 pages, including colour plates.

Forgive and Forget: A Theology of Mercy, By Levi and Simeon, 50 pages, paperback.

Godly Family, Holy Nation: A Call to Men To Lead their Families and Nations In Righteousness, a collection of essays edited by King Ahab, 177 pages, paperback.

Ethics & Integrity: My Life, by Jacob, 23 pages, downloadable.

Thankfully these books, which have not been written, are unlikely to come to a Tenofthose booktable any time soon, so Mr Farron has cornered the market.