Eton's Watery Mess

At Barnes Pool, one of the tributaries into the Thames at Eton, is displayed a record of the various floods the town has suffered after heavy rain: 1974, 2008, 2014. Doubtless, people terrified of climate change will hail these years as further evidence of humanity’s doom unless it now redeems itself by turning off the lights. Unfortunately, the floods for 1929, 1953, 1947 and 1894 were all worse than the three first mentioned. The worst overall flood it records was in 1774, long before the world industrialised. Intemperate weather, extreme meteorological phenomena and major damage to our habitations have been going on for millennia. The perfectly balanced world that the Creator gave us was damaged and upset by human rebellion. While recognising this imperfection, and even our culpability in causing it, we now think we are the saviours who can save it. In the meantime, the apocalyptic warnings of doom continue to expire far sooner than the earth itself. The genuine, terrifying cataclysm facing the earth is the impending judgment of a righteous God. The world worries about a symptom rather than its cause.