Feet of Deer

I spotted a young deer among the foxgloves of Rivington Pike. I was eager to photograph him before he leapt away. Fumbling with my phone, I snapped him, though blurred are the photos. He saw me, but seemed little concerned. Walkers on Rivington are a common sight, but that was not the only reason for his confidence. He could, in an instant, spirit himself away into the undergrowth had I been a threat. Fully grown, he can run at 35mph, jump 7 feet high from a standing position and up to 10 feet when running. He can bound well too, covering as much as 30 feet in a single leap. Little wonder he seemed to wink at me as we nodded greeting.

Psalm 18:33 states:

He makes my feet like the feet of deer,

And sets me on my high places.

Not matter how steep the path, how dangerous the visitor, how narrow the gorge- the Lord’s people shall neither stumble nor fall, but rather leap and rise.