Fog over Pendle

When I have visitors from other parts, I like to show off my knowledge of Pendle Hill. I know its tracks and ways, having walked its paths as long as I've lived in the area. Its bleak majesty and brooding mass exert a magnetic power over me.

Imagine my embarrassment when I recently became lost upon it. I wasn’t even on the main bulk, but Pendleton Moor, the area between Wiswell and the Nick. I roughly knew my direction of return, yet I miscalculated my location and added an extra mile to my labours. What caused this unexpected losing of my bearings? Senility? Pride? Carelessness? Perhaps all three, but its chief cause was the swift descent of fog onto the hill. All directions looked the same. I could see a few hundred yards ahead, and then a just few dozen as the cloud thickened. The other landmarks by which I usually gauged my location were completely hidden. 

A great many people are shuffling around in a spiritual fog. They know there must be a path somewhere, but they cannot find it. They stumble about, following this idea or that, led by guides as blinded and perplexed as themselves. God’s word, the Bible, has been guiding humanity for three thousand years. Despite attempts to discredit it, ban it, pervert it and ignore it, 284,000 copies continue to be purchased every 24 hours. Is it time you started reading it instead of faltering and wobbling?

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Ps 119:105