Folly Lane

Last week, I went a walk up Folly Lane in Barnoldswick. Folly means foolishness and such a name doesn’t bode well. The track becomes a muddy path this time of year, but it was still quite navigable. On the day I took it, the clouds were low and the views obscured. It was a still, eery afternoon, and I spent my time wondering about its name. It was taking me up Weets Hill, but curving round so as to avoid the trig-point. I concluded that it was so named because it didn’t actually lead anywhere. Sure, there were some farms scattered about and a clear day’s views would suitably reward a hiker, but regarding worthwhile destinations- nothing.

All who live this life without Christ are traipsing folly's lane. When young, we aim at education and jobs; in middle age we seek promotions and financial security. In older age, we desire pleasure and good health. Then what? A comfortable care home? An enjoyable funeral? A stylish headstone? Only Christ, with His gracious offer of heavenly life later and a blessed life now, confers true meaning. His way is narrow and sometimes steep, but it is the way of the wise.

Even when a fool walks along the way,

He lacks wisdom,

And he shows everyone that he is a fool. (Ecc. 10:3)