Foolish Old Man

I drove over to Lancaster this week to visit someone who worshipped with us until this summer. Having started university, I wanted to see if he was alright and check he had found a good church, etc. We were too early for the restaurant so I gave him a quick tour of the centre, pointing out various trivia. From time to time, I would observe a current pub and describe its previous incarnations. Where we ate, I explained, was the venue of a family party two decades ago. That place over yonder was the old cinema. And had he seen how dear that filling station was selling its diesel? 151.9 pence a litre! I remember when it was 72 pence. It suddenly dawned on me. I was sounding like an old man. My companion smiled politely, offering the odd question, nodding when appropriate; he has been well brought up. Returning to my native town reminded me that times have changed and I have aged.

When I was in my own first year at university, I recall going to a couple’s home for tea after church. The lady explained that she had started university the year I was born. Wow, thought I. She was so old; I wondered how long she had left to live. She seemed very able-bodied, but looks can deceive and the Zimmer frame was surely pending.  

This week, I was older than she was when I sat in her living room calculating her many years. When Monday’s dining buddy was born, I had been a graduate some years already. Thankfully, I am much less foolish than I used to be, but, given my age, not so wise as I ought to be. Age does not make us wise, but it does bring to mind the many unwise things we have done and are still capable of doing.

Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished. Ecc 4:13

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay