Gold in Jugs of Bronze

Isn’t this a sight for sore eyes? Hundreds of gold aureus coins, found hidden under a house in Corbridge, now housed in the British Museum. They were in a bronze jug, with a few bronze coins wedged in its neck. Thus the real value of the hoard was concealed even to those who would make the find. The weight of the gold and the decay of the jug resulted in it breaking apart when discovered in 1911, the gold pouring out of the bottom.

There are many who investigate the gospel of Christ and disdain it as mere bronze. To them, it is just another world religion, one more set of rules to live by. "You have your faith, I have mine", they observe. "That's just your opinion", they primly say, as they dismiss gospel truth. But not all bronze jugs are the same. Some contain bronze, some contain dirt, whereas one contains pure gold, freely given to any who would lift it up and lay claim.