Grazing among the Graves

On Sunday gone, a couple of sheep were observed munching foliage in our graveyard. It is not clear how they entered; I imagine the farmer was leading his flock down the lane, and a couple slipped in, on account of some careless closing of the gates. They seemed quite content, but I was keen they were gone. Another member and I, acting as a pair of sheepdogs, opened the gates and encouraged them to take their leave.

Although our graveyard is not bereft of foliage (though it certainly has less today than it had before our little friends arrived), it is not so rich a source of sheep food as a farmer’s field. There, the grass is manured, tilled and rested. Yet those two chose to chomp among the graves and sepulchres.

I wonder why so many sincere Christians attend churches that do not feed them. They could be attending Bible studies, hearing expository sermons and discussing scripture. Instead, they scavenge among the rubble and corpses of a decaying denomination.