Great Truth in Little Corners

I called at parish church in North Yorkshire recently. Its Sunday worship was evidently rather high, and there was little within from which I might learn the gospel of grace. Yet the church kindly left unlocked its doors and bade the visitor welcome. At the rear were a number of books to take, some mundane and dull, while one or two would explain the gospel to anyone who deigned to read. Just as Elijah heard the Lord in a still and quiet voice, gospel truth is often best discerned in the quietest corner. The magi found the Christ Child in the stable, not the palace; so truth is often found in country chapels rather than great cathedrals, unlettered fisherman rather than scribes and priests, ordinary Christians rather than bishops and popes. Sometimes, a humble bookstand preaches salvation louder than a pulpit. 

Indeed these are the mere edges of His ways,
And how small a whisper we hear of Him! Job 26:14a