Not far from Chorley magistrates’ court is the Hypnotherapy Association National Office. Why so august a body would quarter in Chorley, I know not. I have looked up the difference between the various hypno-terms that seem to be out there, though I’m little wiser. According to LCCH International:

Hypnosis is an inferred psychophysiological state characterised by increased suggestibility and is thought to be an altered state of consciousness.
Hypnotism is the study and use of suggestion with or without the presence of hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy in which the use of hypnotism constitutes the core of the treatment.

One of the advertising posters at Chorley claims to solve issues ranging from weight loss to nail-biting. The Real Hypnotherapy website, also linked to the town of Chorley, claims to be able to help with ‘Sports Improvement’ and ‘Falling out of Love’. Burnley FC might profit from some hypnotherapy in this regard. Whether falling out of love is for people who wish to but can’t, or have done and don’t want to, I cannot tell.

I know little of hypnotherapy, hypnosis or hypnotism, but my first instinct is one of alarm. To open up your mind/spirit to another person could be dangerous. Taking pills from a doctor is bad enough, but at least we can go to the toilet afterwards. There also seems to be some religio-spiritual assumptions behind the practice; the Chorley poster lists ‘Past Life Regression’ as one of this practitioner’s specialisms.

My mother attended the Birmingham home of Joe Keeton in 1980. He was a famous hypnotherapist in his day. She recalls eleven others present, to assist with his research into past lives and the effects this has on one’s present incarnation. One of those hypnotised 'remembered' being in the Civil War, claiming to be a Roundhead soldier shot in the chest. Mother recalls that when he was taken out of the hypnotic state, he felt pain in his chest from the bullet. The evening must have gone well, as Mr Keeton made a reciprocal visit to our family home soon after.

The Bible is clear- we have one life, and one life only. We were created in the womb and at death, we go to await judgement. There are no second chances or reappearances. So if hypno-whatever is based upon assumptions of reincarnation, it cannot be fundamentally wholesome or helpful.