Hypocrisy Unmasked

“When I look across the benches, and I see most of the Tories not wearing masks, it makes me feel unsafe, and it makes my colleagues feel unsafe…there are vulnerable MPs also sitting there, and I think it’s a dangerous message to send to the rest of the country.”

So shrieked Zara Sultana, left-wing MP for Coventry South. Yet, on Sunday night, she was photographed sipping champagne and hugging luvvies at the annual MOBO Awards evening. And shock horror, not a mask in sight. The blogger Guido Fawkes comments on her wonderful bravery, risking her very life to partake of the night’s entertainment. Like the alleged Christmas party at Downing Street last December, held while the rest of the country was suffering restrictions, the current pandemic is proving fertile ground for that increasingly common species- the political hypocrite.

Image by Ich wünsche allen eine besinnliche Advents- und from Pixabay