Jack Glass

I've been lent several copies of Scottish Protestant View. This was edited and distributed by Glasgow’s pastor Jack Glass. He was described as Scotland’s Ian Paisley, whom the latter once allegedly descried as "a bit of an extremist", which made me chuckle. Some of the copies’ headlines are: 

Christ Re-Crucified on the Pope’s Christmas Tree

[Billy] Graham’s Goofy Gospel

Baloney Blair

Macleod Must Go!

I've also been furnished with some tapes of Glass’ preaching. His Glaswegian accent was at first impenetrable, but I soon got the flow and enjoyed his lively and passionate style. Paisley and Glass were men of their times, combining a vigorous Protestantism, evangelical Calvinism and political unionism. Both had as many detractors as admirers. I fall into the latter camp, for although their voices hurt their congregations’ ears and opponents’ pride, they were valiant for truth. Still, these great men allowed politics and patriotism to tangle up the gospel. Glass once interrupted an Iona meeting chanting “Hang Nelson Mandela” and picketed a Christian gathering in Edinburgh because he objected to their understanding of predestination. In the 1970 general election, he attracted 1,200 votes as the Protestant Independent candidate.

The 2020s will be characterised by churches dancing at Baal’s altar, tolerating the woman Jezebel and celebrating concord between Christ and Belial. As we delve deeper into this dissolute century, where are the faithful church leaders who will sacrifice popularity for truth and comfort for service? Where are the thunderous voices to proclaim Christ over the tumult of confusion, apostasy and error?

Blessed be the LORD my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle. Ps 144:1