No Comfort to the Dying

Beni Johnson, the wife of famous co-pastor and mega-church leader Bill Johnson, is dying of cancer. My sympathy goes to anyone afflicted by this vile legacy of Adam’s fall. Yet the Johnsons have spent their lives promulgating a false version of Christianity that claims physical healing is guaranteed. When once asked to explain the gospel, Mrs Johnson wrote:

The simple gospel is Jesus as our example while he was on earth. Before he left this earth he gave us authority to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. Not to mention that Jesus desires us and to have a deep relationship with Him.

As the cancer worsens, this hollow gospel Mrs Johnson has been peddling offers no hope at all. If Christianity is merely following someone’s example and even performing miracles, even have a relationship, then the foundations are weak. One of the other church’s lead pastors wrote:

“Listen, beloved, this is unjust that our matriarch, that Beni is being robbed of her sleep and having difficulty breathing. This is not as it should be.”

No-one wants to die a drawn-out death, but the real Christian longs to be with Christ. He submits to God’s plan and timing, saying “your will be done”. Knowing that Jesus died on the cross for sin, death holds no terror. The promoters of false gospels and fake hopes have no such assurance. Let us pray that Mrs Johnson learns to trust in the real Jesus of the Bible, and not the hologram her sect has manufactured. Bethel’s 11,000 members, School for Supernatural Ministry students, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, are all busily praying and prophesying healing. I pray that the Lord will open their eyes.