A Prime Minister Humbled

The Prime Minister was delivered a bloody nose this week by the good people of North Shropshire, who overturned a Tory majority of 23,000. Mr Johnson is fast losing what attraction he once had. If the solid Tories of the shires are giving him a two-fingered salute, how much more are the Red Wall voters preparing him a knuckle sandwich? Time and again, people in power allow it to get to their heads and they take the people for granted. Of course, we expect governments to lose by-elections, and the Lib Dems are much better at fighting one-off campaigns than they are spread across the whole country in a General. Much as I dislike their party (they are neither liberal nor democratic- remember how they called for an EU referendum and then thought better of it when they didn’t like the result?), I laughed when I heard news of their victory. As the PM legislates for vaccine passports, increasingly regulates our lives and threatens our liberties, others are eyeing up his job. Power is like sand; one may grasp it for a season but it always trickles away, no matter how hard the fist clenches.

Rulers, oppressors, persecutors and leaders of the world, take note: the great God of heaven, whose power is both absolute and permanent, only lends you a sliver of His authority for a short season. Regard it as a loan for which He will demand account.

I said, “You are gods,

And all of you are children of the Most High.

But you shall die like men,

And fall like one of the princes.”


Arise, O God, judge the earth;

For You shall inherit all nations.

Psalm 82:6-8

Image by TyrusTime from Pixabay