Ribble Valley Filling Station

I spoke at the Filling Station recently, covering the Ribble Valley, and based in Gisburn’s Festival Hall. The time of worship led us into God’s presence before I opened up Isaiah 6- “In the Year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord”. God sometimes removes our stabilisers, props, supports, heroes and friends before He shows us his inestimable glory and grace. The young Isaiah may have loved and cherished the godly king, fearing his unknown successor and the state of Judah’s foreign affairs. Yet God removed this good ruler ahead of Isaiah seeing one of scripture’s most awesome visions of heaven. God often makes us weak and low before giving us that empowering glimpse of His greatness.

The Filling Station’s national website proclaims:

Using monthly mid-week evening ‘celebration’ meetings held in non-church venues we have seen Christian communities grow in depth & numbers where a Filling Station has been opened. The Filling Station offers high quality speakers and teachers, contemporary sung worship and powerful, accessible prayer ministry.

Our meetings are designed to be overtly spiritual but presented in a manner that those outside the church would feel comfortable. Meetings are held monthly and aim to be short, sharp and focused in character. We find many people meet God through these meetings and faith is built up. 

Although I can’t comment on the quality of the speaker on the occasion I attended, I do pray that this work succeeds in sharing the gospel with people tired of Britain’s empty and shallow materialism, and opening up the scriptures to church-goers starved of spiritual food.