Synodal Hope, Persian Food

I dined with a member of the Anglican General Synod last month. We had met at a conference and discovered I would be in his town on a day he was free. It was refreshing- and surprising- to realise that so moribund and compromised a body should have in its ranks one who loved dearly God’s word. The synod might be termed the Church’s parliament or ruling body, and is made up of bishops, clergy and layfolk. I imagine most to be enthralled by the LGBTQ lobby and various campaigning ‘foundations’, which have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to have the CofE solemnise same-sex partnerships as marriage. It is reassuring to know that not all Anglican delegates are obsessed with forcing the state church into the mould of secular wisdom. We nonconformists have low expectations of the national church, but if it falls entirely to secular ideology, it will put even more pressure on the rest of us to conform.

My new friend suggested we ate Persian food, a culinary genre I have never before enjoyed.