Today's Hymn: Jesus, Let Thy Splendour

Jesus let Thy Splendour

Jesus, let Thy splendour
Like a mantle fall,
On this waiting spirit,
Whilst I yield Thee all;
Clothe me with Thy beauty,
Bathe me in Thy will,
And with life triumphant
All my nature fill.

Fellowship with Jesus,
This is victory,
They who own His Lordship
Know true liberty.

Give to me a vision
Reaching to the throne.
Let me see earth’s problems
In that light alone;
’Tis Thy Word assures me
All shall work for good,
Things that long have baffled
Soon be understood.

Blessèd cross of Jesus,
I Thy power would prove,
’Neath Thy shadow living,
Naught this soul shall move.
Sanctify me wholly,
Purge from every stain;
All that makes for bondage,
Let it now be slain.

Fired with holy passion,
Moved by urge divine,
What shall henceforth hinder
Vict’ry being mine?
Men may raise their war-cry,
Lift their standards high,
But before love’s challenge
Each vain thought shall fly.

E.C.W. Boulton

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singing: Hilary Ashton