Today's Hymn: Wonderful Birth

Wonderful birth

Wonderful birth, to a manger He came,
Made in the likeness of man, to proclaim
God’s boundless love for a world sick with sin,
Pleading with sinners to let Him come in.

Wonderful name He bears,
Wonderful crown He wears,
Wonderful blessings His triumphs afford;
Wonderful Calvary,
Wonderful grace for me,
Wonderful love of my wonderful Lord!

Wonderful life, full of service so free,
Friend to the poor and the needy was He;
Unfailing goodness on all He bestowed,
Undying faith in the vilest He showed.

Wonderful death, for it meant not defeat,
Calvary made His great mission complete,
Wrought our redemption, and when He arose,
Banish’d for ever the last of our foes.

Wonderful hope, He is coming again,
Coming as King o’er the nations to reign;
Glorious promise, His word cannot fail,
His righteous kingdom at last must prevail!

A.H. Ackley

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singing: Hilary Ashton