Too Many Old People?

We have too many old people in this country: 

  • They are economically inactive. Living off expensive pensions and rattling around in large houses, they occupy space and consume resources that might be better used by young families.
  • The burden they create on the NHS must contribute towards much of its expenditure. Removing old people from waiting lists and crowded wards would free up space for people who have a longer life with which to enjoy the benefits of those hospital procedures.
  • Many old people’s minds are going; some don’t even know who they are. Surely it would be kinder to stop them getting to this stage?
  • A good number are unable to look after themselves, requiring round the clock care in homes and institutions. Not only is this very expensive, but it’s hardly the height of dignity for the residents themselves. 
  • Some don’t have families, or their families are too busy to see them. Others have such limited mobility, that they can barely go outside without fear of falling. What therefore is the point of living?
  • They’ve had their innings; they’ve had a shot at life. They should move aside so others might have their turn.
  • The congested pavements of Skipton on market days would be very readily relieved if the many coach loads of bored pensioners stopped arriving.

Would it not be for the greater good if we were to cull anyone who exceeds the age of 80?

Are you appalled by this question? Are you disturbed by the legitimate observations that preceded it? Yet in England and Wales, we do cull our population- by 508 every day. But it’s not the elderly we slaughter, but the very young. Old people have votes; unborn babies barely have vocal chords.

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay