Trusting Jesus Only

A rather fine inter-war period church is St Vincent de Paul at Hull. Its tower and style bespeak those grand Italian cities, a thought further helped by the day’s uncommonly blue sky. Outside the entrance was a large, full body picture of Jesus, with his heart emitting rays of light as Catholic depictions are wont to have. ‘Jesus I trust in you’, is written at its base. Yet in one respect, this is certainly not true. Catholicism does teach that one should trust in Jesus, but also a whole raft of other things. Catholics trust in their Church’s ability to bestow and distribute God’s grace through its sacraments. They trust in the priest’s ability to transform the wafer into flesh upon which they might feast and obtain spiritual sustenance. They trust the font-water’s ability to wash away the guilt of original sin. They trust the flames of purgatory to burn off their iniquity. They trust their own ability to live sufficiently pious lives to enter heaven eventually. And if this is ever in doubt, they trust Mary and the saints' abilities to intercede on their behalf.

To trust Christ in the biblical sense is to trust Him entirely and solely. His work on the cross and in leaving the tomb are alone the grounds on which salvation is given. To trust Him partially, or among other things beside, is not to trust Him at all.

 Here is a song by one of our regulars: