Victorias of Hull

At Pearson Park in Hull is the statue of an attractive woman whose identity I was unable to determine until I read the attached plaque. It was, of course, Queen Victoria in her youth. In the centre of Hull is the more typical statue of the older queen, complete with widow’s veil, tiny crown and regal sceptre. This is the image with which we are more familiar and might have more easily identified her in the park. In my mind, Queen Victoria is a portly older dame, not an attractive young woman.

In heaven, there may be people we ought to recognise but do not, at least not at first. That godly grandmother, the elderly Sunday School teacher, the pastor from our youth: in heaven, they are bereft of all wrinkles and grey hairs. There, they shall be in their very prime, as youthful as a toddler, as wise as a sage. Imagine that potent combination of much more wisdom than you have ever known with more energy and vigour than you ever had.