Word Alive Re-lived

In the absence of Word Alive 2020, they are going to broadcast some re-runs throughout the coming week, beginning on Monday, as Word Alive Re-lived. There are 2 tracks in particular that I want to highlight from 2015 (the year I joined Martin Top) because they were absolutely fantastic.

  • The first is David Cook's series on Romans: Momentous News which is suitable for everybody.
  • The second is Nick Tucker's "12 things God can’t do and why they should help you sleep at night". This series is somewhat theological and might be a little heavy for some. However, Nick is not boring and speaks in an engaging way.

(These talks, along with many others, are available from Word Alive Media if you miss the broadcasts but you have to pay for them, whereas the broadcasts are free of charge.)


For more details see https://wordaliveevent.org/word-alive-re-lived