11 First Aiders

11 of gathered at the chapel to learn first aid last Saturday. Rather than have 2-3 folk who are trained to give CPR, the Church Meeting generously agreed to fund training for a dozen. That way, there is always likely to be someone in the building to tend to immediate emergencies. MH, our instructor from Robridding First Aid, was an excellent teacher, employing humour and sensitivity in equal measure. I squirmed a number of times watching a video simulating cuts and bleeding, but I feel as confident as one can when it comes to dealing with such events in real life. All churches would be well advised to invite willing members to be thus trained.

Although our ministry is chiefly about saving souls than bodies, we echo here our God’s work among His people:

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds -Psalm 147:3

Christ heals our spiritual sicknesses, and sometimes physical ones too. He mends, restores and refreshes our spirits and minds. And should an accident or injury occur at Salem, His people will do their best to mend your bodies also, keeping you this side of eternity.