2019: The Milkshake Elections

The atmosphere in the run-up to this week’s European elections is ugly. Videos on Twitter of candidates being dowsed in milkshake are becoming common place. There is a nastiness in the air, full of recrimination and vindictiveness.

The Tories are due a thrashing at the polls from which they might never recover. Their handling of Brexit has been dire and Mrs May’s clinging onto power makes Gordon Brown look positively courteous.

Labour should be a government-in-waiting, but its leader has failed to tackle the dark stain of antisemitism which is now no longer newsworthy. Luciana Berger, the Jewish former Labour MP, reported a Labour activist on the streets of London saying “Jews are in the gutter…they are the problem”. Only this week, Hamas publicly offered Mr Corbyn their fulsome thanks and appreciation for his support.

Change UK- The Independent Group, is polling a meagre 2-3%. Its membership of defected ex-Labour and ex-Tory MPs appears to have jumped ship for an inflatable dinghy which has as many holes as occupants. Chuka Umunna, a promising politician I have always liked, seems to have thrown away his gifts for nothing, teaming up with the soulless Joan Ryan and mercurial Heidi Allen. A party called ‘Change’ which is fighting to retain the status quo was never likely to take off. 

The Greens and Liberal Democrats are vying to become the party of Remain, seeing as Labour desperately seeks to placate its metropolitan Remain voters without losing its Northern Leavers. These two groups are honest about Brexit- they don’t like it and will do all they can to undo it. There is something disturbingly undemocratic about this.

The likely victors of Thursday’s competition will be the Brexit Party. Who are these people? Is it UKIP under a new name? Old UKIP continues to fight the election, but few can name its new leader. That new group is headed by Nigel Farage, who seems to have had more political retirements than I've had hot dinners and whose financial affairs are being investigated. 

Students of end-time prophecy are often in danger of being parochial, seeing the apocalyptic hand of God moving in their small, peripheral spheres. I don’t pretend that the United Kingdom is some super-power whose imminent downfall will herald the End. However, I do have a feeling of the nations being shaken. One of the biggest and more important events since the creation is going to happen- the very visible return of the Creator.

I was asked who I think people should vote for this week. I have made up my own mind, but I offer no advice. I just long for the return of the King, on whose shoulders all earthly government shall one day be carried.