Add to Your Days

Bright lights. Murmured instructions. Women in blue gowns. Latex gloves. I can’t really remember the procedure. The anaesthetic worked its lovely magic. Sometime afterwards, the results were presented. Yes, there was a minor problem, but it wasn’t bowel cancer.

Unfortunately, this disease runs in the family; I was held in the arms of my great grandmother just before she succumbed to its cruel claim. For the last 6-12 months I’d been experiencing some unpleasant symptoms. An urgent referral was made. Many a time have I boomed from our pulpit that the Christian need not fear death. I did not fear it- though I’ll confess to a poor night’s sleep after the GP’s referral. Who should I tell? Who shall I ask to preach at my funeral? Who will replace me at Salem? As though it were any of my business. Perhaps the Lord laughed. There’s far too much to do here before I receive my upward summons. Maybe I’m like Hezekiah, looking at the wall, to whom the Lord says “surely I will add to your days fifteen years.” 

Each one of is dying. May we use wisely the remaining time allotted to us.

My times are in thy hand.

Psalm 31:15