American Gospel

I watched American Gospel: Christ Alone last night. It documents the two cancers decimating the American church- moralising, lifestyle preaching and the Word of Faith movement. The former sees Christianity as a mere method to improve our lives, make us happier, enabling us to be more moral. It teaches that the Old Testament moral laws are primarily a guide to good living rather than the terrifying exposé of our ingrained sin and need for a Saviour. The latter is spiritual expression of the American Dream- nice homes, good jobs, big incomes, perfect health. The god of this gospel is mixture of a butler who desires to shower trinkets and pennies on all who come asking, and a canny market trader who only releases his product when you have greased his palm with sufficient lucre.  

A number of sound American pastors and teachers were interviewed, including some who had been rescued from the false teaching so prevalent in their churches. Most interesting of them was Costi Hinn, once his Uncle Benny’s acolyte and henchman. He recalled staying at an exclusive Greek hotel overlooking the Aegean with his uncle’s circus, reflecting on the irony of the Apostle Paul’s shipwrecking there, and the two famous preachers’ contrasting lifestyles. 

Much of the American church, though once a wonderful blessing to the whole world, has become a cesspit of filth and greed. Its envious British admirers import and imbibe its poisonous juices, preaching their false gospels at some of our biggest congregations. Any pulpit that promotes good living but not the gospel of grace is not preaching the faith once committed to the saints; a preacher who demands your money in return for God’s blessings is a prophet of Baal who will one day meet his Elijah.

American Gospel: Christ Alone is directed by Brandon Kimber and is currently available on Amazon Prime.