This Anemone flower was observed growing on the school field. Sadly, it will be trampled by careless cricketers or otherwise cut down by some semi-industrial lawn mower. Until then, it blooms while it may.

The anemone flower was said to come from the tears of the Greek goddess Aphrodite as she held her mortal lover, Adonis, as he lay dying in her arms. It is a tragic love story, though its paganism limits its appeal to we Christians. Ancient myths often have amorous dealings between deities and mortals and they seldom end well. Yet our divine Christ deigns to love mortally-wounded sinners. Though He is cosmic in His majesty and regal in authority, He chooses to love and court the sons and daughters of Adam. Whereas Aphrodite fell in love with the perfectly beautiful Adonis, Christ’s beloved were never blessed with attractive qualities. We are scarred by iniquity and marred by evil; neither did He await some spirited reformation or plan for self-improvement. He rescued us while we were still sinners, and clothes us in His righteous raiment and dazzling, white linen. His tears were sweat drops, whose descent caused no pretty flowers, but the costly redemption of His betrothed.  

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13 ESV)