Annoying Christian Job Ads

Occasionally, I receive job adverts from the organisation Christian Vocations. Some of the ads mildly irritate me:

Do you long to see your friends and neighbours understand that, no matter who they are, God loves them and offers them eternal joy and peace through faith in the self-sacrificing love of Jesus Christ? We do, and we need help in communicating it to our local community.

If I really do have a heart for my neighbours to understand the gospel, I’m hardly likely to move away from them for the sake of this job. Secondly, Christ’s ‘self-sacrificing love’ was the motive for our redemption, not its means. That was the Cross.

Another one:

We are looking for an inspiring and visionary leader who can lead the church in line with our vision, mission and values.

A visionary leader who will conform to the existing vision of those already in the church? That sounds like a real recipe for conflict. Good luck to any applicants, you’re going to need it.

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay