Attacks in Sri Lanka

It’s so hard to say: persecution of Chr…Chr…Chr….hotels and churches? How about Easter worshippers?

The usual tweets and statements of protest issued in response to last weekend’s mass-slaughter of Christians express sympathy for the violence against “hotels and churches” (Theresa May) and “Easter Worshippers” (Obama and Clinton). Certainly, hotels were attacked as well, so not all the terrorists’ victims were chosen for their religious convictions. Neither can I vouch that those targeted were genuine believers rather than observers of tradition. Such distinctions did not exist in their killers’ heads, so neither do they trouble me for the purpose of this blog. 

Christians in particular are subjected to greater persecution today than ever before. Sadly, this does not fit well with the prevailing Western narrative that our Judaeo-Christian heritage is something to be ashamed of while simultaneously bending over backwards to show how much we respect every other other faith.