Australian Ibis

The Australian Ibis struck me as a somewhat exotic bird, with its black, bald head, its pinkish black legs and long curved beak. Even its name bespeaks the mysteries of ancient Egypt, with the god Thoth bearing the bird’s striking head. Yet plain-speaking Aussies designate it the 'Bin Chicken'. This is because they rummage through carelessly maintained garbage bins, as well as eating scraps at parks which cause their numbers to swell. Protected by Australia’s famous native wildlife laws, little can be done to tackle these widely despised birds. Furthermore, as the Brisbane City Council observes:

Too many ibis may reduce the recreational value of parks and public areas, the main issues of concern are smell, noise, unsightliness and defecation. They may also harass and occasionally attack humans for food.

These birds remind me of sin. We can do precious little to remove it altogether from our lives but we continue to suffer from its presence. At first it looks exotic and attractive, but it only leads us into filth and depravity. Those not led by the Holy Dove are led instead by the old Bin Chicken.

Image by sandid from Pixabay