Barbon's Sundial

At Barbon Parish Churchyard, Cumbria, is a large sundial. I always think that those who constructed such time-pieces had an unrealistically optimistic view of British weather. For a country known for its rainy skies and dull winters, a clock which depends on direct sunlight does not sound like a terribly great idea.

Those of us who live by the light of the Son must seek His face (Ps 105:4). We too must endure days of depressing gloom and dismal prospect. Unlike Barbon’s (and Salem’s) sundial, however, Christ’s directions do not merely come when all is well and the summer sun is blazing. In winter’s dark and icy grip, Christ shines His light on our souls. Indeed, it is in our blackest times when His grace shines all the brighter.

Psalm 18:28: For You will light my lamp; The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.