Beautiful Brisbane, Christian Cities

The Australian city of Brisbane is truly beautiful and seems higher esteemed than Sydney in many Australian minds. It is also named after a Christian, Sir Thomas Brisbane. Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas abolished censorship of the press in 1824 and introduced trial by jury. “There is no object I have more sincerely at heart, than the advancement of morality in these colonies”, he once remarked. He was a supporter of the Bible societies, while championing freedom of conscience, sometimes to the chagrin of the Anglican ministers and his own Presbyterian denomination, which he refused to favour with public money. He loved astronomy, founding observatories in his native Scotland as well as Australia. The Tribute to Influential Australian Christians website quotes Manning Clark:

From the earliest days, Brisbane had lifted up his eyes away from the world towards the heavens in more senses than one. Those who judged by appearances, and what a man gave out about himself, took him as a Christian, a scholar, and a gentleman.

Notwithstanding the difficulties of peering into the souls of past generations, can anyone suggest names of other cities named after Christians? Excluding the surfeit of Catholic saints, I can only think of Houston, Texas (Sam Houston, Texan governor, a Baptist) and Georgetown, Maryland, (named after Prince George, later King George III, whom I consider a believer).

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