Bee Laughing Through Babylon

"I’m sure humour is a gift from God", said Roger Carswell at this week’s Association of Evangelists’ training session on evangelistic preaching. I agree. Humour is a wonderful element of our human existence; the ability to look at life and be amused by its foibles and ironies makes our sin-scarred world more agreeable. Of course, humour can be cutting and hurtful, it can be smutty and inappropriate, distracting from the gravity of sin and redemption. Better to be a humourless puritan who loves the Saviour than a comic genius for whom He is no more than a butt of jokes. I have been criticised for using humour in the pulpit as well using too little. Still, for those who appreciate mirth, I’d like to direct you to a Christian website. Not only is it Christian, it’s evangelical and reformed, not a branch of the church overly known for chuckling. Gentle reader, may I introduce you to the Babylon Bee . Although some of its American subject-matter may be lost on Englishmen, it is worth at least a weekly visit. It writes spoof news articles, some of the latest headlines of which are:


Benny Hinn Miraculously Removes Lump From Woman’s Purse

Out of Ideas To Keep Church Relevant, Pastor Resigns Himself To Just Preaching the Gospel

Joel Osteen [US prosperity preacher] Googles ‘What Is A Trinity’

Calvinist Giving Altar Call Asks Jesus if He’ll Accept Any Of These People Into His Heart

Archaeologists Unearth Galilean Coffee Shop Where Jesus Held Small Group

Church Deploys Drones To Make Sure Worshipers Sit, Stand, Raise Hands When Instructed

Study: 84% Of Christians Show No Symptoms Of Following Jesus

Joel Osteen Encourages Congregation To Continue Scriptural Distancing

Man Highlights Entire Bible Since All Of It Is The Inspired Word Of God

Joel Osteen Tests Negative For Christianity

Scholars Claim Jesus Actually Told Lepers 'Stay Home, Save Lives'

Trump: 'Destroy This Economy And I Will Raise It Up In Three Days'

Noah Criticized For Deforesting Region To Save Humanity


Remember, they aren’t real stories, yet they come worryingly close to the truth. Another special feature is the site’s Worship Song Generator. I’ve spent some good minutes laughing at this.

Humour is a gift from God, truly. It can quite easily be abused, but in this vale of tears I’m always glad to laugh.

Image by Nicolás Borie Williams from Pixabay