Bermuda: Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left

The liberal elite which has appointed itself our new guardian of public morality is furious. Bermuda, a British overseas territory, has revoked its gay marriage law from May 2017 which had allowed homosexual couples to marry. Walter Brown, the island’s minister for home affairs, said same sex marriage was not supported by a majority of the island’s sixty thousand population. The British government wisely decided not to intervene; overseas territories and crown dependencies are technically under British jurisdiction but are essentially self-governing.

Left wing MPs are furious, hysterically calling on our Foreign Secretary to over-rule Bermuda’s democratically elected government. These MPs are usually ashamed of Britain’s imperial past, yet now wish to take full advantage of the very colonialism they claim to despise. Labour’s Chris Bryant claimed that failing to over-rule Bermuda would make Britain “a laughing stock”; the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas called it an “absolute scandal” that Britain was not willing to enforce its LGBT agenda on another nation.

The fact that full civil rights are still given to Bermuda’s gay people, including state-recognised civil partnerships, is apparently irrelevant. Why waste a good opportunity to prove to the world how wonderfully virtuous you are by showing your outrage at a small island nation for wanting to do things its own way?

Image by jorono from Pixabay