Black Lives Shattered

It is now commonplace for shrieking voices to denounce our nation for ‘systemic racism’. Although I have no doubt that some elements of the population are racially prejudiced, it seems odd that so many dark-skinned foreigners should still wish to move here. The illegal immigrants who sail over from France would generally be described as ‘persons of colour’. Perhaps no-one told them how horribly oppressed the non-whites are north of Dover. Furthermore, in 2019 there were approximately 6.2 million people living in the United Kingdom who were not legal citizens. Although some of these will be white Europeans, a number of whom may have departed ahead of the Brexit settlement, I suspect a great many are black and Asian. And the vast majority are working hard and doing well for themselves.

Yet there is a racial oppression taking place in this land, and black people are suffering the most. Unborn black people seem to be more vulnerable to the abortionists’ craft than their White or Asian equivalents. Although 77% of women having abortions report their ethnicity as White and only 7% as Black (though black people made up only 3.3% of the entire population), the more detailed 2018 figures reveal more. 47% of black women having an abortion that year had previous abortions, compared to 39% of White women. This effectively means that black children may be more likely to be ‘terminated’ than white children.

Where are the protests? Why aren’t the loud-mouthed Twitter mobs suitably outraged by this scandal? The lives of black people are not threatened by the statues of slavers who died two centuries ago, but from our national cult, the NHS. The Christian gospel teaches that all people are made in God’s image, which bestows on them an intrinsic value, regardless of skin pigment and age. It is our secular, atheistic culture that regards life so cheaply, which needs reminding that black lives matter.

Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay