Black Mulberry

Black Mulberry was first brought to Britain in the hope that it would establish a native silk industry. Unfortunately, they brought across the wrong type, the silkworms instead preferring the white mulberry. Still, the black’s fruit is superior to the white’s, and makes a pleasant, dark-purple jam. What we lost in silk we gained in fruit.

Saul of Gibeah once left home to find donkeys, but found instead a crown. Saul of Tarsus set off seeking victims, but received forgiveness and a new purpose before he got to his destination. Sometimes, people attend church or chapel for relatively shallow reasons: to show community spirit, or to make some new friends, for example. Yet some of them find much more- Christ Himself. Seeking one thing, they find another, and wonderfully better. Truly, they hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, as the Lord God works His wonders in their lives.