Bramhope Puritan Chapel

It was my privilege this year to visit Bramhope Puritan Chapel. On the main road, betwixt Ilkley and Leeds, one passes it on the left, close by the grounds of a busy, plush hotel. It’s not currently used for regular worship, but the local parish council opens it up on Sunday afternoons in summer.


Few churches were built around that time; a puritan, Robert Dynleley, had bought the neighbouring hall and constructed a place of worship for the village. I cannot tell if it was Congregational or Presbyterian, but the Anglican Church claimed it in 1660 for its own, uniform worship. Those really were times of upheaval: bishops had been abolished the previous year, and the King himself had gone to the block around that time. The second civil war had recently concluded and all was confusion, poverty and disruption. Still, the worship of God continued, and godly folk gathered under this new roof for public prayer and preaching.

As the nation in our own day suffers division and uncertainty, may God’s people continue to pray and hear God’s word preached. May we persevere in building up Christ’s church amid the wars and rumours of war, the increase of wickedness and waxing cold of the many.

“…I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”

Matthew 16:18