Broughton Evangelical Church

I was pleased to receive a tour of Broughton Evangelical Church in Cumbria last summer. It is a break-away from the neighbouring Baptist church, and, confusingly, occupies the former Quaker Meeting House. This was where local resident Robert Wilson came to worship, one of the founders of the Keswick Convention, and avuncular guardian of missionary Amy Carmichael. When she stayed with him, she may well have worshipped here herself, though the Friends’ quietism is unlikely to have been to her taste.

Mr Aubrey, the elder, gave the tour. Broughton is blessed to have such a church in its midst. On the Great Day, when all are held to account, many locals will rue the days they never ventured inside to hear the saving truth being preached. I wonder if the local livestock express a deeper spiritual interest than some of the local humans. We at Salem are surrounded by fields on three sides, and my preaching must sometimes compete with the cattle's lowing. At Broughton, they are somewhat nosier, and enjoyed observing us up close.

Joel 1:18 laments:

How the animals groan!

The herds of cattle are restless,

Because they have no pasture;

Even the flocks of sheep suffer punishment.

The land around this church is green and lush, but spiritually, Cumbria is a desert. I wish well the Broughton church, and pray their feeding upon God’s word proves richly strengthening in these malnourished times.